EXAGONE - TERIA is a French company founded in 2005 to provide initially an NRTK service covering all France for the professional surveyors. Current services relevant to GISCAD-OV, are NRTK and PPP-RTK services which cover France and are expanding to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The company provide only services connected to the high accurate position through GNSS. For that it manages 170 stations, servers in a datacenter and all the infrastructure to enable to provide a high-quality service.

The main real-time GNSS correction system, TERIA is a service to increase the accuracy of Full GNSS real time positioning. Its network includes more than 295 ground stations densely distributed throughout France and Europe. The service is available internationally through active partnerships. All TERIA antennas are Full GNSS: GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO / BEIDOU to ensure availability in hidden areas. This service provides a centimeter-level accuracy (1-2 cm) in real-time through NRTK and PPP-RTK services available through Internet or by satellites.

In GISCAD-OV EXAGONE will contribute to the project by calculating, providing and testing the PPP, PPP-RTK (SSR) in NRTK and RTK services. The Company will give access to raw data from some of the owned stations and make tests comparing coordinates with known points. Will also test the possibility to send through Inmarsat the corrections in case the HAS from GALILEO is not available through E6.

Project contact
Raphaël BAUCRY
Emmanuel LE BRUN