Sogei - Societa Generale d'Informatica SpA – a “Polo Strategico Nazionale” (National Strategic Data Center), is the largest italian Information Technologycompany, fully owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Sogei is the Ministry of Economy and Finance digital platform and it develops its systems, applications and services to satisfy all the automation and information needs.

The Company implemented the Italian Tax Information System and it constantly monitors its evolution and operation.
Around 2,200 people, with consistent know-how and a strong tendency for innovation, ensure the daily operations of over 87,000 workstations and a direct connection with external bodies, citizens,companies and professionals.
Most relevant R&D projects implemented by Sogei relevant for the GISCAD-OV Project are:

· The GRDNet (GNSS R&D Network) Augmentation network for GNSS High accuracy positioning
· The cartographic Geopoi (Geocoding points of interest) Framework for the web supply and use of geo-referenced data and services
· GNSS SDR, a GNSS Software Receiver totally working in Real-Time on a Laptop
Through the institutional systems Pregeo (Geometric Pre-processing), supporting surveying and topographic operations, and Wegis (Web enabled GIS), encompassing a large-scale cartographic representation for Italian Cadastre,Sogei is responsible for the management of the Italian Cad

Project contact
Roberto CAPUA