The CISAS aims to promote, coordinate and carry out studies, research and space activities that favor the connection between sciences, applied research and industrial activities. Through space research and the Doctorate in Sciences, Technologies and Space Measures, it aims to contribute to the training of new graduates and researchers with a multidisciplinary preparation. The main research areas of CISAS are:
•Astronomy and Astrophysics from Space
•Flight Dynamics and Satellite Navigation
•Exploration of the Solar System and Planetary Sciences
•Space Geodesy and Geodynamics
•Space Systems Engineering
•Electric and hybrid propulsion
•Space Robotics
•Space instrumentation

CISAS is active since 1996 within EUREF (www.euref.eu), which acts as Reference Frame Sub- Commission for Europe, integrated in the Sub-Commission 1.3, Regional Reference Frames, under Commission 1 – Reference Frames, following the implementation of the new IAG (International Association of Geodesy) structure at the IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) General Assembly held in Sapporo, 2003. Its contribution to EUREF is threefold: 1) providing to EUREF and IGS multi GNSS data from the station PADO; 2) acting as Local Analysis Center and Densification Analysis Center for the European Permanent Network of EUREF; 3) contributing to the decision making of EUREF as member of the Governing Board.

In GISCAD-OV, CISAS will contribute to investigate all aspects of relating to the coordinate computation which relate to the compliance with the European standards, and in particular the EU Directive INSPIRE on harmonization of geospatial data.

Project contact
Alessandro CAPORALI